On-premise IT data centers are not going away. They will remain as an interconnected element of a diverse IT environment that includes multi-cloud infrastructure, and commercial IoT devices. Monitoring diverse interconnected IT environments that span multiple platforms is a challenge. The network monitoring tools that are on the market today are siloed and inflexible. They were designed for platforms rather than devices. In addition, the solutions on each platform are inflexible and unable to provide all of the functionality that organizations require. The result is that organizations are forced to maintain multiple network monitoring tools across their platforms. Many of these Halo Manager Datasheetsolutions do not talk to each other, which introduces problems of their own. Network engineers are forced to visit multiple tools to analyze an IT event and may still have an incomplete picture of what is occurring.

Vallum Software’s solution, Halo Manager, is designed for the device regardless of whether it is located on-premise, cloud, or commercial IoT. Halo Manager has a modular architecture where the functionality is provided with small portable microservice applications called Halo Apps. Halo Apps allow organizations to select and deploy the functionality they need where they need it. Halo Manager provides organizations with real-time monitoring and management of their entire IT infrastructure.

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