Our difference is the uniqueness of our architecture

Vallum Halo Manager is built on unique decentralized architecture with a software agent called the Vallum Halo Agent at its core. Halo Agents are programmable and multi-purpose and are designed to have new functionality introduced to them with specialized microservice applications called Halo Apps. Halo Apps add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner where the user needs it. You can learn more about Halo Apps here.

Halo Agents are installed on servers, VMs, cloud instances, and commercial IoT devices. They are designed to operate in the background and consume minimal system resources. Halo Agents are designed to have Halo Apps remotely installed on them. The Halo Agent executes the Halo Apps installed on them and collects the metrics. Halo Agents with their Halo Apps are designed to be managed in small groups or subnets. Within each group, a specialized Halo App called the Halo Manager Polling App is installed. The Halo Polling Apps function is to discover new devices with Halo Agents installed, and manage and collect data from the Halo Agents and Halo Apps on that group. Halo Polling Apps function independently, which provides high scalability and fault tolerance in large environments with tens of thousands of different devices. The data collected by the Halo Polling App(s) across the entire enterprise is transmitted to a Halo Entre App where the metrics are consumed and delivered to other systems such as dashboards and ticketing systems. You can learn more about the Halo Apps here. You can learn more about the Halo Entre App here.

More on the Halo Agent

All communications to and from the Halo Agent are encrypted using digital certificates. There are no userid and passwords that can be compromised. The Halo Agent has a small footprint and is designed to use minimal resources. Halo Agents can be included in operating system deployments or device firmware or remotely deployed afterward via an installer. Halo App(s) are remotely installed to the Halo Agent, and once installed, there is nothing else that needs to be configured on either side. The Halo Agents will be automatically discovered by the Halo Polling App or a device list can be provided to the Halo Polling App.