Vallum Software is a provider of IT infrastructure monitoring solutions designed to allow organizations to easily manage and monitor their entire network infrastructure, from on-premises IT to cloud and commercial IoT devices. Today’s IT environments intertwine a number of platforms that include both physical and logical devices that can be located just about anywhere. IT applications can require data from a number of these platforms. It is critical for organizations to have observability of all of these platforms and devices, and that requires a presence on the asset or device.

Solutions on the market today are siloed on specific platforms or focused on specific areas or applications. The solutions are complex, expensive, and inflexible. Organizations are forced to maintain a patchwork of multiple solutions, many of which do not integrate with each other. IT personnel must visit multiple solutions to piece together data on an IT network event, which is time-consuming and creates problems of its own.

Vallum’s goal is to provide a solution that is cost-effective, adaptable, and easy to install, use and maintain. This required a completely different architectural approach than what existing vendor solutions on the market rely on. Vallum’s architectural approach not only eliminates the complex central server install found with existing solutions, but it is highly flexible, allowing the end user to select and deploy the functionality they need where they need it. The architectural approach supports commercial IoT devices where existing vendor solutions cannot.

Want to try us out? Vallum Software is currently conducting selective deployments of its solution. If your organization would like to be a part of these deployments, please reach out to us on our Contact Page. Thank you for your interest in our business and solution.