The Halo Entre App is a specialized Halo App that provides several different functions. Its primary purpose is to capture the data from Halo Polling App(s) that are deployed around the enterprise. Once the data has been captured, the Halo Entre App has several functions as follows:

  • Generate alerts into ticketing systems based on collected metrics. Currently, Zendesk and Autotask ticketing systems are supported.
  • Save the data to a database for historical storage. This is not required and is at the discretion of the customer.
  • Provide the data to a third-party system. This could be a dashboard or any other system that can consume the JSON data format from Halo Manager.
  • Capture Operational Data Analytics for device manufacturers. Live operational data from devices in the field is a valuable commodity for device manufacturers. The data could include a number of operational metrics such as device uptime, environmental conditions that the device is operating in, CPU, memory, disk, network traffic, communication module status, and other device metrics. The insights derived from this data can be used by device manufacturers to improve successive generations of their devices.
  • Billing data that is transmitted to Vallum Software.

The Halo Entre App can be installed locally within an organization’s network, or it can be deployed in the cloud. All that is required is connectivity to the Halo Polling Apps that it is periodically capturing data from. You can click here to view a typical Vallum Manager deployment diagram