Vallum Halo Apps are specialized microservice applications designed to be installed on Halo Agents previously installed on servers, VMs, cloud instances, and commercial IoT devices.  Halo Apps add functional capabilities to the Halo Agent at the device level.

Halo Apps can possess a nearly endless array of capabilities from monitoring, self-healing, and asset management, to security, data analytics, and AI capabilities. Once downloaded, Halo Apps can be remotely installed to any Halo Agent where their functionality is needed. The installation process for Halo Apps is simple and done remotely. Once installed, there is nothing else that needs to be configured. Halo Apps will automatically produce their data and status for capture by the Halo Polling App responsible for their management. From there, the data will be securely captured by the Halo Entre App. You can learn more about the Halo Entre App here. In the near future, a Halo App Store will be established where existing customers can search and download current Halo Apps.

Can’t find the functionality you are looking for in a Halo App? Contact Vallum Software, and we can create a Halo App to your exact specifications. The modular design of Halo Apps allows them to be easily developed and deployed in a few days or weeks depending on their complexity. There is no waiting for months on a vendor release cycle for functionality requests that may or may not show up.