Our difference is the uniqueness of our architecture

Vallum Halo Manager is built on unique decentralized architecture with a software agent called the Vallum Halo Agent at it’s core. Halo Agents are programmable and multi-purpose, and are designed to have new functionality introduced to them with specialized microservice applications called Halo Applications. Halo Apps add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner where they are needed. You can learn more about Halo Apps here.

Halo Agents run in the background, consume minimal system resources and are capable of delivering a host of IT asset statistics at a much lower cost than that of competing solutions. Halo Agents and installed Halo Apps are designed to be managed in small groups or subnets. On each subnet a specialized Halo App called the Halo Manager Polling Agent is installed to a Halo Agent. The Halo Polling Agent’s function is to discover new devices and Halo Agents, and manage and collect data from the Halo Agents and Halo Apps on that subnet. Halo Polling Agents can function independently, which provides significant scalablity in large environments. The data collected by the Halo polling Agents are transmitted to Halo Manager where metrics are presented on the dashboard, and alerts are generated.

More on the Halo Agent

The Vallum Halo Agent has a fully-exposed and documented application program interface (API). The Halo Agent has several Halo Apps bundled with it’s install that provide common server performance metrics for the platform it is installed on. These metrics include CPU, Disk, memory, processes and services. Additional Halo Applications can be deployed to extend its functional capabilities. The Halo Agent is non-intrusive, has a small footprint, resource utilization, and is entirely distributed remotely.

Halo Agents can be deployed via an .msi file or they can be included in operating system deployments. Once installed, there is nothing else that needs to be configured on either side, and they will be automatically discovered by the Halo Manager solution through an ongoing discovery process.

Halo Agents are compact and efficient, and take up minimal server/desktop resources – less than 100K of disk space, and 1% CPU on a Win7 OS with a 2.4 GHz processor.

Vallum Software SDKs for building your own Halo Applications

Vallum Software has are two software development kits (SDKs) for building your own Halo Applications, and also modifying the Halo Manager interface. Halo Apps can be developed and deployed in a few days or weeks depending on their complexity, which allows the Halo Manager solution to keep pace with changing organizational needs. These two SDKs can be downloaded from the Halo APP Store.