Vallum Halo Manager is a Network Management and Monitoring (NMM) solution designed to allow organizations to monitor their network equipment, servers, workstations, applications and databases for availability and health. The Halo Manager has an revolutionary decentralized architecture that not only eliminates the complex central server install that is typical of other NMM solutions, but it is designed to be specifically tailored to an organization’s needs through the installation of specialized microservice applications called Halo Applications. Halo Applications add additional functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner. The Halo Manager solution, downloaded with the link below, provides the following pre-installed functionality:


Halo Manager Datasheet

  • Device availability
  • IP address availability (Cloud Apps, on premise Apps, web URL, firewall, router, database, etc…)
  • CPU and Memory load
  • Disk capacity
  • System processes and services availability

Once installed, the end user can then begin easily customizing the solution by downloading and installing Halo Applications, essentially tailoring the solution to their specific requirements. Think of installing apps on your mobile phone and you understand the concept. Please visit our Halo Applications page to learn more about Halo Apps, and the Halo App Store to view our growing selection of Halo Apps.

Getting started with Vallum Halo Manager

The best way to get started with Vallum Halo Manager is to try it, no strings attached. We are so confident that you will have a great user experience with our software that we offer Halo Manager in a fully-functional trial package.  Click here to download your fully-functional trial of Vallum Halo Manager. The Halo Manager is free to use up to 15 devices. All that is required is to update the license key every 90 days. Need more than 15 devices? Vallum Software has a simple per/device subscription pricing. Please visit our pricing page for further information.

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