Vallum Halo Applications are specialized microservice applications designed to be installed with the Halo Application Logo 200x200Vallum Halo Manager Solution. Halo Applications are designed to add functionality to the Halo Manager in a modular manner. Halo Apps can posses a nearly endless array of capabilities from Network Management and Asset Management, to security and specialized utility. Halo Applications are available for download from the Halo App Store. Once downloaded, they are easily uploaded to the Halo Manager solution, and remotely deployed to any Halo Agent where their functionality is needed. The Vallum Halo App Installation Process document details the steps. Once installed, Halo Apps will communicate their data and status to Halo Polling Agents on their subnet. From there, the data will be securely transmitted to the Halo Manager solution.

You can find a wide variety of Halo Applications at the Halo App Store.

Don’t have the Vallum Halo Manager solution yet? You can download the free trial here, and it is fully functional, and free to use up to 15 devices.

Can’t find the functionality you are looking for in a Halo App? Contact Vallum Professional Services here, and we can create a Halo App to your exact specifications. The modular design of Halo Applications allow them to be easily created in a few days or weeks depending on their complexity. There is no waiting for months on a vendor release cycle for functionality requests that may or may not show up.

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