Vallum Software is a provider of Network Management & Monitoring (NMM) solutions that are designed for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Vallum’s flagship solution, the Vallum Halo Manager, is extremely affordable, and the easiest to install and use NMM solution on the market today. There is no complex and cumbersome central server to install like other NMM solutions, and it will not require days of expensive or time consuming training on how to configure and use it. The Halo Manager is straightforward and simple and designed to require little care and feeding. It can run in the background and you will not have to interact with it on a regular basis. about vallum technology

The installation of the Halo Manager takes a couple of minutes and includes a dashboard, and it will automatically begin a device discovery and will begin showing the availability status of any assets it has discovered. External websites or cloud applications (anything with an IP address) can easily be added to the list. Setup alerts and it will alert you if anything is unavailable. Need some deeper analysis of server, workstations and applications? Install the Halo Manager Agent. It can be found on Halo Manager Dashboard. The Halo Manager will automatically discover any Halo Agent installs and provide you with additional metrics beyond availability such as CPU and memory load, disk space, system processes and services, and many other metrics.

The Halo Manager is free to download and try, and is free to use up to 15 devices. The Halo Manager install includes a dashboard – viewable on any standard web browser – plus one Halo Manager polling agent, capable of monitoring up to 256 IPs, along with Vallum Software support.

Click here to download the free Vallum Halo Manager trial package. about vallum technology

Why is Halo Manager different?

The Vallum Halo Manager represents a revolutionary architectural departure from existing Network Management and Monitoring (NMM) solutions on the market. It installs in a couple of minutes and does not require an IT administrator to install it, nor does it require any expensive or time consuming training on how to use it.

The Halo Manager has an innovative decentralized architecture that does not have a complex central server install. There is none. The unique architecture is designed to have specialized microservice applications installed that introduce functionality to the solution in a modular way. These applications are called Halo Applications and their capabilities and variations are nearly endless. They can add functionality in areas such as application and database monitoring, and security to name a few. The Halo Applications are easily downloaded and installed, adding the functionality to the Halo Manager solution. Think of it like adding apps to your mobile phone. The Halo Applications allow you to specifically tailor the Halo Manager solution to your needs, which is an enormous departure from existing NMM solutions on the market today.