Vallum Software, LLC is a provider of Network Management & Monitoring (NMM) solutions designed to allow organizations to easily manage and monitor their network infrastructure, servers, workstations, internal/cloud applications and databases. Vallum was established by a group of entrepreneurs who viewed the vendor solutions in the NMM market, and also those catering to the Managed Service Providers (MSPs), as being far too complex, expensive and inflexible. The solutions are monolithic and contain far more functionality than most organizations require with no ability for them to select what they need. Many of the solutions are so complex to install and use that they require an IT administrator to accomplish the task. The complexity, expense and inflexibility of the existing solutions on the market has driven many small and medium sized businesses from the market, and others to expensive MSP providers.  about vallum software

Vallum’s goal was to address these issues with a cost effective solution that was extremely easy to install and use, and could be tailored to the user’s specific needs. This required a completely different architectural approach than what existing NMM vendors are currently employing. Vallum developed a ground-breaking decentralized architectural approach that not only eliminated the complex central server install, but was designed to have specialized applications installed that introduce functionality to the solution in a modular way. This architectural application approach addressed the flexibility issue by allowing the end user to select and install the additional functionality they need, essentially tailoring the solution to their specific requirements.

We succeeded in our goal with the Vallum Halo Manager. Please try us out, a fully functional 30 day trial download is available here. The Halo Application Exchange is coming soon and will contain a growing list of Halo Applications with a diverse array of capabilities that will go past NMM into areas such as application management, security and database management etc.

You can reach us by mail, email or phone. Thank you for your interest in our business.

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